Domain User Administration System
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Use Cases
These are the use cases for the three different types of users: Users, Local Administrators, and Domain Administrators.

Roles: Users
This is the everyday user. This person can modify his/her finger and shell information on a local machine or across the entire domain. This user can also create and administrate their own groups (either local or domain wide). All of these priviledges can be granted only if the local system administrator grants it to them.

Roles: Local Administrators
This is the administrator of any given machine. This could be someone who wants to place their workstation on the domain and allow some users access. This is the person who decides who can do what to their machine. They can disallow domain administrator priviledges or allow them to add and remove users/groups at will. This is the person who sets up DUAS locally.

Roles: Domain Administrators
This is the administrator of an entire domain. This person sets up the DUAS server and accepts or rejects local administrator requests to join the domain. This person can add/modify/remove users or groups on any machine or on all machines. This person's power is only limited by what the local administrator says they can do on that machine. This is root for an entire domain.